Infectious Diseases

The world is facing an alarming increase in drug resistant micro-organisms, global spread of infectious diseases and the threat of bio-terrorism.  Developing antimicrobial agents is complex and expensive. This field is constantly changing with the re-emergence of polio, cholera and tuberculosis – and the appearance of new threats, including SARS, H1N1, and HIV. 
Given these realities, Onorach are active in clinical trials of new and improved vaccines to prevent disease and new antimicrobial agents with improved efficacy and safety, delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner. 
Through our team's experience in infectious disease trials in this therapeutic area, we have been able to deliver:
  • Rapid enrolment during peak illness seasons
  • Large patient recruitment in both developed and developing regions
  • Monitoring complex studies of long duration
  • Ensuring global regulatory requirements are met


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Client Testimonial

We have had nothing but an excellent experience with Onorach. We are impressed with their flexibility and proactive approach. The attitude demonstrated by the team was nothing short of 100% professional in every way and they were always prepared to go the extra mile.
A UK Client