One in three people will develop cancer during
their lifetime, and twenty million people are currently living with cancer in the UK.
Oncology clinical drug development takes on average 9.5 years and has a success rate of 5% - 26% moving from Phase I through to FDA/EMA/MHRA approval. Managing development risk is critical as is managing up-front costs leading up to commercialisation. Onorach have expertise in managing risk across oncology Phase I to IV studies.
Seamless services delivered throughout clinical development ensures the success of oncology studies. Onorach’s services include: study management, supervision of monitoring, regulatory, quality assurance, medical reporting etc. From early phase to post-marketing, Onorach are practiced in using safety information to make critical decisions; which requires precise coordination. Our approach is one that integrates safety across both time and function.
From Phase I to post-marketing, risks are mitigated using:
  • Group Management to oversee study
  • Strategy and Optimisation
  • Safety Risk Profiling
  • Operational Safety
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Publishing findings

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We have had nothing but an excellent experience with Onorach. We are impressed with their flexibility and proactive approach. The attitude demonstrated by the team was nothing short of 100% professional in every way and they were always prepared to go the extra mile.
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