Project Management

Clinical Trials Project Management requires attention to detail, timeline management, understanding dependencies and critical paths. How we control a project and report intermittently on the timelines may be different for each study. At Onorach™ we use a flexible approach because your study is not exactly like any other; neither are the people you will associate with on your particular study.

Our principles are consistent: continuous smooth communication, PM self micro-managing, pre-determined reports, and quarterly risk assessment and mitigation. Our goal is a quality service which yields results on time and on budget. Involving a PM at the earliest possible point to assist with your project strategy and design helps avoid potential obstacles further down the road and and ensure positive outcomes.

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Client Testimonial

Prof. Leiper and her team at Onorach have demonstrated competencies in many areas in both working with the authorities and with the sites as monitors. They impressed us deeply with highly motivated, goal-oriented staff members of lively personality and creativity. It was always a pleasure to cooperate with Onorach Clinical.
A German Client