Statistical Analysis

The role of statistics in clinical trial design and analysis is acknowledged as essential in the ICH E6(R1) guideline for Good Clinical Practice. By optimally planning statistical analysis up front, you ensure that the data captured can provide the necessary information.

Onorach’s statistical analysis services help clients with study design and protocol writing using correct statistical numbers when selecting study subjects.
Onorach statisticians work to mitigate against random errors and to outline the significance level and power of all statistical tests.

Onorach Statistical Analysis will enable you to:
• Identify Outcomes
• Identify study merits and pinpoint potential problems early
• Provide a clear picture of time-to-event outcomes
• Provide sample size calculations
• Determine cohort sizes required
• Establish rare event detection probability 

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Client Testimonial

Onorach provided excellent monitoring and site management activities for a large, retrospective cancer diagnostic trial in Europe. Onorach's representative is a quick learner, pays excellent attention to detail and is a pleasure to work with. A truly well experienced clinical research professional. Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative.
Joe Bigley, VP of Clinical Affairs at MDxHealth