PharmaLedger has just released a new explainer video around their Clinical Trial eRecruitment Use Case


Onorach are a member of the PharmaLedger consortium and are delighted to announce that PharmaLedger have just released a new explainer video on our Youtube Channel around the Clinical Trial eRecruitment use case.

PharmaLedger’s eRecruitment use case aims to empower patients by helping them find and participate in clinical trials more easily. Adequate participants that meet specific criteria for these trials is a tedious process that poses many challenges. The current process is study-centric, meaning that clinical sites have to identify and recruit these patients themselves.

The Clinical Trial eRecruitment use case wants to change this and make clinical studies more easily accessible to patients. PharmaLedger’s use case proposes a blockchain-based utility matching service that helps match patients with studies they qualify for.

Patients first must give online permission for their information to be used by this matching service. The utility service has pre-screening criteria that are submitted by various study sponsors of clinical trials. A matching algorithm then matches the patients to the studies based on the patient health data information. Once a patient is matched, he or she can then view potential matches, consult with a physician and request contact with the clinical site.

Blockchain helps to add a layer of trust when it comes to exchanging health data. A patient can remain confident that no information is accessed without his or her permission.

The eRecruitment use case would make it easier for patients to participate in clinical trials, which would also likely increase their willingness to participate in medical research. This could lead to faster medical breakthroughs when patients are matched to these trials more efficiently.

PharmaLedger look forward to releasing more of these explainer videos to introduce others to the eight PharmaLedger use cases. Subscribe to PharmaLedger’s Youtube channel to view the latest explainer video releases and recordings from their webinars.

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